Have you ever wanted to be a part of something special or longed for a work environment that you actually looked forward to coming to?

Here at Tease you can do just that!

We pride ourselves on having an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity, experimentation, and collaboration. We focus on making every employee feel valued, involved, and educated. We focus on continued education as a whole by seeking opportunities for our stylists to partake in. Everything we do is a team effort and with the entire staff in mind - from trying new products, to taking new classes, and even improvements to the salon.  We are not just co-workers, we are a family who enjoys spending time together and creating a comfortable, fun, and inviting atmosphere for our clients. Whether you're interested in becoming a Tease stylist, renting a chair in the salon, or being a part of our reception team - you are a part of our family.

Apply today and join a team that you'll love seeing every day!

Send a resume and cover letter to Daniel Olkives at hairmandan@me.com!


All of the assistants that come to Tease are licensed. Once they've completed their schooling, they start advanced training through Tease as assistants.

Each week they bring in a model for a color technique, as well as a model for a cutting class. This program is typically 6-8 months.

During this time, assistants work along-side our stylists helping them with shampooing, finishing services, and color application.

The process allows our assistants to establish relationships with our clientele, observe how we interact with our clients, and watch our techniques first hand to better prepare them to be on the floor. 

Interested in being a part of the Assistant Program or want more information?

Apply today by sending a resume and cover letter to

Daniel Olkives at hairmandan@me.com!




TEL: 414-489-7198


M-TH: 12pm - 8pm

​​FRI & SAT : 8am - 5pm 


**hours vary per stylist**

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