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Adopt a Family with Tease

As we have in the past, we are adopting a family again this Christmas! We love participating in this event and find it a wonderful way for the salon and our clients to be involved in the community. Below you'll find information about the family we have adopted this year:

Jamie currently resides in a motel with her family because she does not have adequate income to move to an apartment. She has four children in home and one child that is currently in residential care. Jamie enjoys spending time with her children in the community as often as possible. Jamie travels three hours one way to visit her son regularly who is in residential care. The family could benefit greatly from some help this holiday season.

Jamie is requesting crocheting hooks, yarn, clothing, and gift cards for clothing. She is 34 years old, size 12 pants, large shirts. Justin is 14 years old and wears a size 32/34 pants and large shirts. He also likes magic cards and tricks, and art supplies/sketch book. Sue is age 13 and is hoping to get art supplies and clothing this year. She is in a size 12/14 pants, large shirts. Elye is 11 years old and wears a size 12 pants and medium/large shirts. He likes magic cards and tricks, and art supplies/sketch book. Draven is 10 and the child that resides in residential care. He loves puzzles, Legos, fidget spinners, and matchbox cars. He wears a size 10/12.

It is our sincere hope that you make a contribution this holiday season. We encourage all who are able to join us in our donation and support for this family. As a special promotion from Tease: for anyone that brings in an offering for the family, you may pick a leaf or candy cane off of our tree. Each one contains a 20-40% of a product or 2 free travel products! We will be accepting donations through December 20th!

We have been donating to many different groups in need this year...and it feels GOOD! Let's make this a Christmas that this family will remember!!! Thank you in advance for you contributions!

(Grocery store cards and gas cards are a great idea too!)

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