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Featured Artists of Christmas on KK!

We hope you're saving the date for

Christmas on KK this year! Come join us on Dec. 1st from 5:00 - 10:00 PM Visit the local business of Bay View for shopping, caroling, raffles, krampus, and even Santa!

Picture above by Kate McSorley

Tease will be featuring:

Artwork by Kate McSorley, Rachel Hughes, Lisa Winston, and Madeline Glaspey

Jewerly by Jill Erikson and DyNaModuo

Wearables by Zewing Girl and Lula Roe

Check out the pictures below for a sneak peek at their amazing work!

Picture left by Madeline Glaspey

Christmas on KK is a fundraiser in benefit of the Bay View Community Center. Visit their facebook ( for more details!

Picture left by Lisa Winston

Jewerly by DyNaMoDuo

Jewelry by Jill Erickson

Artwork by Rachel Hughes

Weareables by Zewing Girl

Wearables by Lula Roe

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